Online Service History

Most manufactures decided a few years years ago to do away with service books & log all servicing to a private online system. This started in approx 2013 & is already proving a nightmare if not done correctly.
We have experienced loads of online service history cars with no proof of any service history, some of which have been purchased from main dealers.

We are registered with the following manufactures & register every service we carry out on vehicles with online service history;

When carried out correctly the online system does work. As a registered we can access every detail of which service items have been replaced & therefore not risk changing parts that aren’t due & picking up on items that may have been previously missed. We can also print out any previous service history.

Our advice is only have your car serviced by a registered dealer that has access to the online system.

If your buying a used car don’t accept the seller, be it a main dealer or private, saying the history is online insist on viewing all the history & check its all been done on time.