We have been updating online service history’s since 2015 & are registered with;

Any service work we carry out we automatically update your service history using BMW’s Key Reader system. Using this device all service information is updated to BMW’s server in Germany. We then also update your I-Drive Service Menu. 
We can also access any previous service work carried out to ensure we are doing the correct service & not replacing parts that may not yet be due.

BMW i3
We are one of the only BMW specialist that has experience with the Electric i3 Range. We can complete any service requirements your i3 BEV or Rex requires.

VW/ Audi Group
All service work is updated to VW/ Audi Groups server. We can access any pervious service work logged on the system, ensuring we aren’t recommending service repairs that  may have already been carried out.

From approx. 2014 most major manufactures stop issuing service books & decided to store all service history online. Each manufacture has there own systems. To keep a record of work carried out & for the resale value of your vehicle its very important that this system is updated.